Promotion FAQ

1. Does your company use hidden text or hidden links on any page to boost the rankings of pages?
No, that will only work against you.

2. Does your company use automated submission software or are all submissions hand submitted by a human?
We hand submit to the main search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Dmoz, MSN etc) and auto-submit to the smaller ones. Note that submitting is useless once you are listed. Since you are already listed in the main search engines the benefits of re-submitting will be about 0.01% or less. SEO’s charging for monthly submissions ‘to keep your listing fresh’ probably know this as well.

3. Does your company keep up on constant changes to search engine’s ranking algorithms?
Yes, we are closely involved in discussing SEO with our colleagues/direct competitors.

3A. If yes, does your company make modifications to client’s pages in order to keep each page ranked well?
Yes, off course.

4. Does your company use “side door pages” or “throw away domains” to artificially boost link popularity?
No, fair link exchanges only. We do create more (quality) pages in order to fit in more content.

5. Does your company submit clients to link directories or free-for-all link pages?

5A. If yes, is you company selective in which directories that it submits to (as to avoid spam directories)?
Note that if submitting to FFA and link directories was harmfull, our strategy would include submitting all your competitors to these places daily. For this reason you shouldn’t worry about the harmfulness of submitting to the wrong places.

5B. If no, what steps does your company take to boost link popularity for search engines like Google (who weigh this heavily)?
We swap links using a.o.,,

6. Does your company adhere to each search engine’s posted best practices in order to avoid having client’s websites banned?
Yes, off course.

7. When optimizing pages on our website, what types of things will be optimized (meta tags, visible text, html, page layout)?
Yes, that is exactly what we optimize.

8. What type of keyword research does your company do in order to determine what keywords our pages should target?
We use common sense, experience, Overture bid tool and Google’s adword tool to find more and/or better keywords to use on your site.

9. Does any part of your company’s strategy involve pay-per-click advertising?
No, we don’t like pay-per-click. Search engine optimization is our ‘free’ way around pay-per-click, saving you (tens-of) thousands of dollars worth of online advertising.

10. How long has your company been in business?
We do full-time search engine optimization for about 4 years now after being employed by ABB, Shell, Petro-Canada and Honeywell as information and marketing consultants.

11. How many people does your company employ?
2 people full time.

12. How many clients does your company currently have (doesn’t have to be exact)?
Over the last four years year we had about 1000 smaller clients. Only recently we target the more professional market.

12A. How many clients are large national companies?
None of the companies we optimize are large companies, however many clients compete with the largest companies for search engine positions.

12B. How many clients are smaller or geographically restricted companies?
All our clients use English as the main language for their web sites. about 65% of our customers are US based. About 80% of our customers targets a specific area (country, county, city)

13. Are clients assigned to one person who acts as an account manager, even if other employees perform tasks for clients?

14. How we will be able to contact your company for support and what are your normal business hours/days?
Telephone, fax, email & live internet support. We are based in the Netherlands and work with shifted hours to serve our (mainly U.S.) customers better. You can contact us from midnight to 15:00.

15. Will we be able to view web or email ranking reports on either a weekly or monthly basis?
We will provide you with monthly reports.

16. Is there any type of guarantee with regards to rankings?
We offer a unique 50% money back guarantee. If we don’t get your site a top 10 ranking for 3 search phrase agreed at the start of the service after 4 months, We will return 50% of the money you already paid.