Lead Thinking offer web site promotion for companies and individuals who have a monthly internet marketing budget of 350$ and up. This fee guarantees 10 hours of support for your site each month. All services include link-building, search engine optimization and search engine submission.

Money back Guarantee: No Search engine specialist can guarantee top 10 ranks for all the keywords you want to rank high for. However we are confident we can get you good ranks and offer a 50% money back guarantee on all services if we don’t achieve at least 3 top 10 ranks in 4 months.

Prices vary depending on the popularity of your services. If you target for example ‘online books’ we will have to work a lot harder in order to achieve top ranks in search engines than when you target ‘concrete grinders in Florida’. Other factors that affect the pricing are the size of your site, structure of your site and the current search engine friendliness level.